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An experienced sales and procurement team are on hand dedicated to supply the processing, catering, and wholesale market outlets.

Having long standing partnerships with some of the best growers across the globe, quality fresh produce crops can be supplied all year round.

Products can be tailored to individual customer requirements, and distributed throughout the UK. A comprehensive range of produce is available:

Core Range

EVG ltd Capsicum

Capsicum +

Year round availability in loose 5kg or Tricolour

EVG ltd Aubergines

Aubergines +

Imported in 5kg cartons, flow wrapped or naked

EVG ltd Tomatoes

Tomatoes +

We are the tomato specialists! Growers and importers of premium varieties all year round

EVG ltd Cucumbers

Cucumbers +

Year round availability encompassing UK and European production

EVG ltd Lettuce

Lettuce +

Spanish Iceberg in grades x10 / x12. UK availability from our partners in Lancashire

EVG ltd Celery

Celery +

UK and Spanish production for all year round availability

EVG ltd Courgettes

Courgettes +

One of our core products. Locally grown in Worcestershire and imported from Europe and Morocco

EVG ltd Leeks

Leeks +

UK leeks available seasonally NOV – APR

EVG ltd Broccoli

Broccoli +

Spanish winter production available from OCT – MAY

EVG ltd Cauliflower

Cauliflower +

Spanish winter production available from NOV – MAY

EVG ltd Vacuum packed Spring Onions

Vacuum packed Spring Onions +

Easily our best seller! Imported from Mexico & Egypt ensuring all year round availability. The specialist pack extends shelf life & protects the product during transit and refridgeration

EVG ltd UK Spring Onions

UK Spring Onions +

UK Production available from MAY – OCT

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