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The head office is situated on the outskirts of Evesham, just 30 miles south of Birmingham. As well as the central office for the commercial, technical and production team, here over 300 tonnes of tomatoes are hand selected and packed every week.

Springhill Farm

Land at Springhill was farmed as far back as the Bronze age. In the late 1800s the farm produced hops and housed a brewery. Today the best land is given to spring onions which favour the light alluvial soils.

Spring onions are washed and packed in a dedicated facility. Asparagus is also grown. Evesham asparagus carries the PGI status, which recognises product produced within a specific region.

What We Grow

EVG ltd Tomatoes


EVG ltd Spring Onions

Spring Onions

EVG ltd Asparagus


EVG ltd Courgettes


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