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The farming operation is based in Lower Moor, near Pershore, and crops are grown within a 40-mile radius. Spring onions, asparagus and courgettes are packed and distributed across the country for a variety of customers. Maize, rye, sugar beet and grass are grown as fodder crops for Vale Green Energy.

Sustainability is a key driver in everything the company does.

  • Soil health is managed through crop rotations. Cultivation practices are selected to avoid development of soil conditions that would otherwise harm crops through the build-up of pathogens.
  • Improving soil structure and reducing the use of artificial fertilisers. Increasing applications of organic manures.
  • Using Integrated Pest Managment, an ecosystem approach to production combining different strategies to grow healthy crops while minimizing the use of pesticides.
  • Responsible water management, by harvesting rainwater from greenhouses and buildings.
  • Managing land in a manner which protects and enhances the environment and wildlife.

Whatever the crop type it is we grow, planting it at the right time, in the right conditions is key to producing a crop consistently that tastes great and delivers on quality and yield every time.

What We Grow


Wheat Grain

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